About Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas obtained his B.A. in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

He completed Jonathan Goldman’s Sound Healing Intensive program in 2013, and is strongly influenced by the work of Tom Kenyon, Byron Metcalf, and Krishna Das. Partnered with Mysterium Music Paul is currently working on a world music album (Journey To Deep Mind) which is due to be released in 2018. In addition, he co-facilitates both the Sounds Of Spirit Concerts and Sound Healing Clinic.

Through his continuing interest in meditation, Eastern mysticism, and shamanism, Paul has developed and currently offers individual sound healing sessions at the Samara Healing Center. Sound has a powerful way of moving and touching us most deeply. Like water flowing over a dry river bed, music can restore and revitalize our body, mind, and heart, cleansing us of mental and emotional toxicity and imparting renewed feelings of harmony and inspiration. Sound can deepen and expand our consciousness into new vantage points of understanding and profound inner tranquility.

Just as the Sun shines upon the Earth and invokes growth and change, music shines upon the soul, nourishing, sustaining, and transforming our life.

Coupled with a vibroacoustic table (which allows one to feel the sound throughout their entire body) Paul uses chant, overtone singing, crystal singing bowls, a shruti box, the tambura, and shamanic drumming,  to create a cathedral of meditative sound and energy. This sonic immersion becomes a catalyst for:

• Deep relaxation & stress relief
• Emotional release & clarity
• Physical pain alleviation
• Inner stillness & centeredness
• Intuitive insight, transcendental awareness, & spiritual connection

Guided imagery is also used to help settle the body and attune one’s awareness inward.

Paul offers hour and a half sessions for $80, or two hours for $100. Sessions may also be coupled with retreat time at Samara. To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions, please email paulloydthomas@gmail.com or call/text 410-596-5487. (gift certificates are also available to purchase.)

  राम राम राम