Sounds Of Spirit Testimonials

“During a Sounds of Spirit concert, genuineness nests among every note. The heart of each musician opens and showers the audience with purposeful, undivided attention and care. Participants’ journeys, souls, spirits, and well-being are held in a space of understanding and support.

What each listener needs is provided through the tones, sounds, and resonance of the music. One does not have to talk about their wounds, yet they are nurtured. One does not have to talk about their physical pain, but it is caressed. One does not have to admit their illnesses, still they seem to fade.

Each venue is magically transformed through this unique music and the musical minds of those who have chosen to wind their talents around their healing hearts. Miraculously and unexplainably these gifted artists sync the needs of every member in the room.

These concerts are a reminder that healing, joy, and entertainment can exist simultaneously within.”

Medical Qigong Therapist
Hanover, PA

“From the very beginning “native peoples’” prayer, you will be welcomed into the gentle, rhythmic, currents of music. Lying on your back with eyes closed, your body becomes a softly breathing vessel into which music travels and around which music circumnavigates. And together with others, you will be buoyed and transported by the trickle of a rain-stick, the soft tympani of drums and gongs, the clear song from crystal bowls mixing with resonant and harmonic voices, all of it underpinned by an enticing, mysterious, guttural call from the didgeridoo. Along the way, you might hear footsteps; you might see a journey rising up ahead of you, or a memory lift from the ether of your unconscious. You might fall into a slumber or experience emotional passages of timidity, joy, confusion, resolve. And though you may have arrived uncertain about whether or not you will love the experience, you can be sure afterward that it will have undoubtedly, wholeheartedly loved you. “

-C. C.
Philadelphia, PA

“I have been so moved by my experiences each time, and attend every single Sounds Of Spirit concert I can. This music for the inner journey experience should be on everyone’s list who feels the desire to tune it to their deeper self.”

-Trisha B.
Vocalist & Owner/President of Mysterium Music
(Multi award winning & 3 time Grammy nominated record company)

“Last night I attended the most incredible sound healing experience…This channeled sound moved through the chakras, not necessarily in order, but maybe in order of what was needed, for 2 full hours of timelessness. Echoes of Spirit guides, ancestors, whale songs…and other ethereal beings created such an inner expansiveness that I became complete and total Light! It is an experience not to be missed!

[The] concert came during a grieving time for me with the death of my mother.  Her funeral was Thursday.  I encountered her a couple of times during the sound healing and experienced a huge emotional release in my heart chakra as well as a powerful clearing of toxic energy related to family issues. The clearing came as a visual of worms leaving my body and returning to the Earth.  I am a very visual person and the visions were clear and amazing.  I felt I visited 2 separate past lives – one Egyptian as I was being entombed within a pyramid and another as a monk in a cliff monastery singing and totally connected with Spirit. With the  beginning drum sounds I found myself dancing in a circle of loved ones (I teach sacred circle dance) that expanded to many beings, both Earthly and other worldly, around a fire, into which we tossed all of our diseases, stressors, anxieties, and things that no longer served us.  The fire grew huge as we moved slowly around it and then, when the music shifted, the fire simmered into an expansive column of light connecting us all with the Universe and also with the core of the Earth.  We eventually became one with the Light, which felt totally joyful and timeless...This was so incredibly timely for me and so very strengthening and healing.  I really can’t thank you all enough. And I thank Spirit for bringing me there.”  


Interfaith Minister
Author – Miracles, Magic & The Divine Spirit
Montpelier, VT

“Floating on wings above lush mountain treetops. Running through a dark dense forest. A kaleidoscope of colors swirling behind my eyes. Those are just a few experiences I’ve had during the sound immersions. Every note brings a new feeling or personal discovery. Jim, Paul, Pitz and David create a beautifully powerful space for deep inner exploration, connection and healing.” 

-Lori H.
Hanover, PA

“The divine sounds heard and felt throughout the performances, create a mystical space, in which mind, body, and spirit are entangled in a natural rhythmic dance. I have been guided into new realms of consciousness with this positive energy and entranced vibrations. A journey of presence and awareness. An experience not to be missed. ~Om Shanti Om~”

Hanover, PA

“An inward and outward journey that felt both intimately personal and broadly universal. Deeply relaxing, inspiring, and refreshing. At times provocative and challenging, while offering a sense of expansion. Unlike any other concert I have ever experienced. Highly recommend it!”

-Vickii T.
Massage Therapist & Co-Founder of The Center For Healing Arts
Westminster, MD

“I loved it! I loved the juxtaposition of instruments: the use, variety, sequence, placement.  I loved how a particular instrument or voice(s) would create an image, storyline, journey. I have been a recipient of many “sound baths” and I usually go deep pretty quickly; this by far was the most interesting, fascinating and wildest experience I have been on to date!”

…I did experience some physical sensations that later I realized turned into quite the detox.  I had difficulty breathing (was not afraid, just noticed it); also tightness of chest that I did not realize until after the session was finished.  None of these issues persisted afterwards, however it took 5 days to recover my energy.  Was wiped out all week, VERY tired and still have quite a bit of phlegm and a cough…I appreciated that [Jim] and the others stuck around [after the concert] to be available [for process and integration] I think that is important.

I would definitely come again. Many blessings to the group.”

Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner
Montpelier, VT

“The music was just like spring water flowing inside my head, washing off all of my tied stress strings in my mind…I felt very refreshed when the concert was over and I didn’t want to leave.” 

Chinese Classical Vocalist & Chef
Montpelier, VT

“The music started playing and it was as if a film was playing in my mind. First I had visions of the film I’m working on – my thesis film. I saw specific moments of my screenplay being played in front of me, live, with the music as part of the film. And then – magical moment – music got very ‘epic’ and I started seeing native americans (I’m from Peru, so not just north american natives), I saw them dancing and prepping for battle. Then I saw four horseback riders through a field – and I realized this were the apocalypses riders. My visions turned into war, battle, destruction. I was totally enjoying this, not scared. I remember having a moment of rationality thinking ‘of course, I’m working on my film, I relate this instruments to native people, I’m a war vet, and I come from a catholic background.’

Then the music turned very mystical and in my mind suddenly there was darkness, void. I felt almost as if I was gliding, or suspended in the vacuum of deep space – another moment of rationality made me think: “it’s all gone now, we’re pure energy, pure spirit”. And I stayed there for very long, almost as long as the concert lasted…Long story short, this was an amazing experience of visualization. This music affected me at every level.”

 -Martin C.
Montpelier, VT

“The entire orchestration and setting of the Sounds Of Spirit concert was a perfect environment for healing, journeying, and rest.  I had a significant inner journey that has formed a lasting stance in my everyday life. The combination of instruments and synchro cities of the musicians was extraordinary.  The way the sounds seemed to resonate with my body allowed for such a deep experience.  I especially loved the moving diggeridoo played directly over my body.  I felt like I was part of the orchestration as an active participant. I highly recommend this beautiful work.”

-Kayla B.
Massage Therapist
Montpelier, VT

“Sounds of Spirit: Music for the Inner Journey blends together individual talents to bring a state of meditation, relaxation & self-discovery. The various techniques, guided imagery and eclectic instruments; paired with the natural intuition of the group, bring a new energetic experience each time. Vibrational alchemy beautifully, gently, and comfortably reaches the depths of the soul that cannot be touched physically, so healing can take place. The ability take a spiritual journey with not only a talented group of men, but to do so while in a completely comfortable and safe group environment is an opportunity meant to be honored, experienced, and loved. Bathe in the light and love; it’s a Universal Hug.”

-Krista C.
Westminster, MD

“Sounds of Spirit took me on a mystical journey in which Spirit was revealing with unconditional love It’s activity throughout history. This is one show that lingers with me and that I am so grateful I attended.  If you have the opportunity to see Sounds of Spirit, do not hesitate to receive this blessing.”

-Rev. Sandy Boyer
Unity of Hagerstown