Lectures & Workshops

Offering workshops and retreats, staff retreats, and in-service presentations for health professionals. Workshops are customized depending on the particular background of the participants. If you have questions about these Lectures and Workshops, or would like to make a scheduling inquiry. Please use the contact option or click here for workshops and events currently offered.

Finding One’s Home In the Breath [Weekend Workshop] In many spiritual traditions the cultivation of the breath is essential to opening one to higher states of consciousness. This workshop will explore the breath as a way of deepening one’s awareness in the body and fostering an awakening of our spiritual nature. Due to the physical and emotional intensity of some of the breathing practices, some physical and mental conditions are contradictions for participating in this workshop. A phone interview is required before registration is complete.

When You’re Not Getting Better  [Day/Weekend Workshop]
This workshop is intended for people who are looking for new insights into chronic patterns of physical or emotional experience that don’t seem to respond to current ways of self-care. We will open and explore our personal “medicine bag” using music, journaling, imagery and breathwork in a supportive environment. The goal of this day is to reconnect participants with their “inner healer”; to bring insight, inspiration, and direction to what currently feels stagnant and unproductive.

Harmonizing with the Season [Full Day Retreat]
Chinese Medicine offers a unique plan for self-care. By observing the movement and spirit of each of the seasons, we can discover a powerful tool for aligning ourselves with our own most basic nature. This full day retreat is offered each season throughout the year.   Participants will learn how to apply the Law of the Five Elements, which opens us up to more subtle ways of understanding how to match our innate capacity with our output in the world. This natural law connects constitutional type with our physiology as well as with patterns of emotional expression.

 “I was most pleased with “Harmonizing with the Season”.  It was a delicious day of looking inward and looking outward to the community and the universe.  Interspersed were educational segments that helped me to better understand the inter-relatedness of us all and how the seasons allow for us to cherish what we had and look forward to what is coming … with an open heart.  Jim’s tea selection was amazing and I sampled it with gusto.  Finally, the weather could not have been better with sunshine, a gentle breeze, and a wood fire throughout the day.

 Oh, how could I forget the magic of having Sparky show us what living in the moment is all about.”

-Carol of Taneytown  MD

 “It was interesting to go beyond the Fall we see around us and to reflect on the changes that Fall within us brings.  I appreciated the talks on how Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches the change of seasons.  The mixture of outdoor and indoor activities allowed time for learning, reflection and discussion about how we can positively internalize the lessons of this season. “

– Julie of Springfield  VA 

 “The fall retreat gave me a new perspective on my retirement and re-entry into the work field.  It was very beneficial and refreshing.  It helped me re-focus my energy.”

-Lynda  of Taneytown  MD


Dream Tools for Dream Work [1/2 or Full Day Workshop]
This is an introductory workshop for people wishing to use their dreams for personal growth. Participants should bring a dream and a notebook to use as a dream journal. We will explore techniques to enhance dream recall, recording dreams and creating a dream journal, styles of interpretation and dream reentry.

Stories the Body Can Tell [Day/Weekend Workshop]
From a holistic perspective, what we experience through our bodies as “symptoms” have the potential to serve as guidance for deeper levels of personal healing. Through a body mapping process we will explore the relationship between our body and our beliefs and attitudes.