About Samara

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“Samara” is the Latin word for a winged seed, like the maple whirligigs we loved to throw into the air as children. Like a seed, Samara represents rebirth, revitalization and renewal.

The Samara Healing Center is nestled in a remote rural location on the outskirts of downtown Taneytown, Maryland.  Practitioners at the center provide acupuncture, nutritional counseling, wellness counseling, therapeutic bodywork, sound healing, meditation and energy work.

Jim Thomas M. Ac., Samara’s founder, built it over a four year period (2005-2009) with the intention of it becoming a day retreat location where visitors can learn, heal, relax and simply enjoy nature. Click here to see photos of Samara during its construction.

For contact, appointment and location information, please visit our Contact page.

Healing Service Options

Samara Studio

For people living within reasonable driving distance of Taneytown, Maryland, Samara Studio sessions are scheduled to provide ongoing therapeutic support.

Phone Consultation

Phone consultations with Jim Thomas for those of you seeking a holistic perspective on a current health concern. Recommendations would include researching  appropriate therapeutic referrals in your area, self -care and dietary suggestions.

Healing Intensive

The Healing Intensive option consists of an initial phone consultation to discuss therapeutic goals and to set treatment sessions over several consecutive days, depending on your length of stay and treatment plan.

Workshops & Retreats

The Samara Healing Center offers weekly programs and retreat options for Staff Retreats, Professional Training or Personal Development.