Center Street Yoga Meditation With Jim Thomas

Title: Center Street Yoga Meditation With Jim Thomas
Location: Center Street Yoga, Westminster MD
Register: 410-848-3269
Description: The benefits of establishing a regular meditation practice have been well documented from spiritual, psychological, and physical perspectives. Even knowing all of this it’s often tough to know where to begin for new meditators and even tougher to keep a consistent practice for experienced travelers.

This workshop will lay the groundwork for how to approach meditation by teaching participants how to feel and recognize the qualities of the meditation experience within their own awareness. This is not a dogmatic approach but focuses on the inner experience of each person as the ultimate teacher. Since we are all different, the real learning is on how to approach the process in a way that honors and respects our unique capacity to create a deeper sense of our connection within, to each other and the world.

We will begin this process during this time through some dialog, gentle movement, and direct inner experience. New and experienced meditators will benefit from attending. And we all will benefit from the presence of each other as we learn and experiment together! Please come comfortably dressed and know that any worries about sitting due to any physical challenges can be worked out.

Please note the specific class times:
12:00pm-12:30pm: Those coming for the first time.
12:30-1:30pm: Former attendees.


Start Time: 12:00pm
Date: 2015-01-25
End Time: 1:30pm

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