Events in October

Every Friday, 7:30am-8:45am, drop in morning meditation with Jim Thomas, M.Ac. The practice of traditions that emphasize the embodiment of consciousness and the cultivation of heart-centered awareness will be taught. The meditation sessions will be highly experiential. All levels of experience are welcome.


-Tuesday, October 14, 7-10pm: There are still spots for our Sound Healing Clinic with Jim and Paul Thomas and David Powell. Sessions are ½ hour in length and the fee is by donation. You must contact us for an appointment time. Following the link for a full description:


-Tuesday, October 21, 7-9pm: Come explore the power of sound in the dynamics of group. In a meditative style, The Sound Toning Circle activities will range from open group toning, guided or intentional toning (ex. on a specific charka or vowel sound), to silent meditation, and discussion.  Participation is by donation.  Pre-registration is required. Following the link for a full description:


-Saturday, October 25, 5-11pm: Men and women’s sweat lodge at Samara. A sweat or purification lodge has been a part of many traditional cultures around the world. While the purification certainly occurs on a physical level with a release of toxins with perspiration, the lodge ritual is intended to support us in releasing mental, emotional and spiritual accumulations to make room for new inspirations, commitments and creativity. Following the link for a full description and event details:


-Sunday, October 26, 3-4:30pm: Join Jim Thomas, M.Ac. for gentle yoga stretches and to practice Dzogchen meditation. We use the practices of traditions that emphasize nurturing of the physical body, also the embodiment of consciousness and the cultivation of heart-centered awareness.Following the link for the full description:


Hope to see you at Samara soon!