Upcoming August Programs

Hello everyone!

A busy month coming at Samara! Here is our list of August programs:

Every Friday, 7:30am-8:45am, drop in morning meditation with Jim Thomas, M.Ac. The practice of traditions that emphasize the embodiment of consciousness and the cultivation of heart-centered awareness will be taught. The meditation sessions will be highly experiential. All levels of experience are welcome.

-Tuesday, August 12 – 7 to 10 pm. There are still spots for our Sound Healing Clinic with Jim and Paul Thomas and David Powell. Sessions are ½ hour in length and the fee is by donation. You must contact us for an appointment time. Following the link for a full description: http://www.samarahealingcenter.com/upcoming-events/sound-healing-clinic

August 13th-15th (Wednesday – Friday), 7:30pm to 9;30pm. Professional performer, Pitz Quattrone, will be at Samara as part of a three day class on how to play the Didgeridoo! There is still space available to sign up, which you can do here: http://www.samarahealingcenter.com/registration

Watch Pitz playing during a concert at Common Ground on the Hill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb1fJPmybe4

-Saturday, August 16, 1:30pm-3:30pm. Vajracharya (Thunder Bolt Teacher) David Miller, will lead 3 shorter meditations – Balance Weight helps you maintain a healthy, balanced weight through the integrated practice of the Three Mysteries by practicing only ten minutes a day. Beauty Yoga or Wisdom Dew Dharma, helps counter the effects of aging skin with a ten minute daily practice that guides you to a youthful life. Calcium deficiency leads to many illnesses such as high blood pressure, high blood lipid, diabetes, stomach cramps, irregular periods, easily prone to fatigue, insomnia, nausea, headaches and many bone related diseases. The Calcium Enrichment meditation helps relieve these conditions.*Please note, this event takes place at INNER BEYOUTY, 57 S. POTOMAS, HAGERSTOWN MD 21740. Following the link for the full description: http://www.samarahealingcenter.com/upcoming-events/focus-on-health-youthfulness

-Saturday, August 16, 7:30pm-9:30pm. Led by Vajracharya (Thunder Bolt Teacher) David Miller, he teaches how to open Qi Channels and Transmit Healing Light through the Treasure Vase Dharma Meditation. This energizes the body, helps the mind achieve purity & stillness, and ncludes a core empowerment so you can perform Three Mysteries Healings using mantra, mudra, and visualization. You will feel the energy! This is a Foundation Practice of the Esoteric School.

In addition to receiving a Dharma Transmission, you will also receive healing from Vajracharya
David Miller at the class. OPEN TO EVERYONE. Following the link for the full description: http://www.samarahealingcenter.com/jims-journal/treasure-vase-2

-Sunday, August 17, 11am-5pm. Led by Vajracharya (Thunder Bolt Teacher) David Miller, this is a day retreat with Dharma transmission through abhis’eka empowerment. You will be taught powerful techniques for self cultivation which can quickly overcome many difficulty to heal illnesses. This includes separate methods for purifying food, water and air. If you are already a healer, this practice will greatly enhance your skill. If you are a beginner with the affinity to heal, you can easily heal with fantastic results. This practice has been opened to the general public for the first time in 1200 years. OPEN TO EVERYONE. Following the link for the full description: http://www.samarahealingcenter.com/jims-journal/medicine-master-extinguishing-disaster-prolonging-life-dharma

-Tuesday, August 19 – 7-10pm. Come explore the power of sound in the dynamics of group. In a meditative style, The Sound Toning Circle activities will range from open group toning, guided or intentional toning (ex. on a specific charka or vowel sound), to silent meditation, and discussion.  Participation is by donation.  Pre-registration is required. Following the link for a full description: http://www.samarahealingcenter.com/upcoming-events/sound-toning-circle

-Sunday, August 24, 3:00pm-4:30pm. Join Jim Thomas, M.Ac. for gentle yoga stretches and to practice Dzogchen meditation. We use the practices of traditions that emphasize nurturing of the physical body, also the embodiment of consciousness and the cultivation of heart-centered awareness.Following the link for the full description: http://www.samarahealingcenter.com/jims-journal/medicine-master-extinguishing-disaster-prolonging-life-dharma

Hope to see you at Samara soon!