Come In Out Of The Cold!

Take a peek at the January calendar…

Listening to the Body – Our Symptoms as Teachers:   Jim Thomas will help explore how learning the unique language of our symptoms can serve as guidance and empower us in our healing process. The afternoon will involve some lecture, discussion and experiential exercises.

Dancing the Universal Rhythms with Karen Boger on January 25th

and a sneak peek into February….

Self Undwinding and Regeneration: Healing in Winter: In this workshop Carlos Durana, Ph.D, M.Ac. will dive deeply into unwinding tensions of all kinds, allowing you to rest in the stillness and regeneration of Winter. Self-Unwinding is a corrective approach for unraveling habitual tension patterns that cause distress, pain and loss of energy. By listening to your body’s wisdom and relaxing into positions of stillness and comfort, you can regain well being, energy, and a stronger connection to your core self. This approach can also be helpful in understanding the meaning of symptoms and other signals from your body.  More on Dr. Durana is located within the link.

Don’t forget about the ongoing Friday morning Drop In Meditation classes and the 4th Sunday Moving and Sitting Meditation.

“Did you know that back in the 1940s, the inexpensive cut of meat was the lean piece? That when you wanted a rich, mouth-watering steak, it was the fat you looked for?”  Click here to find out more about Traditional Diets, Modern Misunderstanding.