March & April Classes

Take some time and let Samara Healing Center give rebirth to your body, mind and soul this spring!  We hope you’ll join us at these fabulous upcoming events:

*Qigong Seminar with Shuren Ma, QiGong Master from the Empty Force Tradition

*Dancing the Universal Rhythms with Karen Bogel

*Spring Retreat!  Kicking this awesome event off with a house concert with Rick Galloway on Friday night, April 5 from 8pm-10pm followed by a day retreat with Jim Thomas, M.Ac on Saturday, April 6th at 9am-5pm.  The house concert alone is $10, otherwise both events are $140.

And don’t forget the ongoing classes of Drop in Morning Meditation held every Friday and  Moving and Sitting Meditation held on the fourth Sunday of each month.  Registration and payment can be done online.

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