Moving & Sitting Meditation

Title: Moving and Sitting Meditation
Location: Samara Healing Center
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Description: Join Jim Thomas, M.Ac. for gentle yoga stretches and to practice Dzogchen meditation.

Meditation involves present-centered focus, which facilitates healing and personal transformation. In addition to promoting physical health, meditation can help us be more relaxed, less emotionally reactive to stressful events, and to have greater clarity of mind. Learn how to use the methods of meditation to enter and hold the field of awareness and to integrate life experience within it, thereby gaining deeper understanding and balance.

We use the practices of traditions that emphasize nurturing of the physical body, also the embodiment of consciousness and the cultivation of heart-centered awareness.

Monthly sessions will last one and a half hours. Dress comfortably and bring pillows or a cushion to sit upon.

Start Time: 3:00 pm
End Time: 4:30 pm
Days: Fourth Sunday of the month
Fee: $20