Movement and Awareness

Title: Movement and Awareness
Location: Samara Healing Center
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Description: This 6 week class will combine movement styles from different traditions.  We will do some gentle yoga, chi gong, dance and stretching.  Rather than being a class of static postures, we will combine forms so that the movements will flow.  This class is appropriate for all levels and will encourage students to listen to their bodies learning to honor their own limits.  While we will be moving, this is not a strong aerobic class, but will have more of a meditative quality.  We will get loose and definitely have some fun!!

Please wear loose comfortable clothing.  Bring a yoga mat and light blanket.  New students are welcome to begin at the end of each 6 week cycle.  Pre-registration is required.

Start Time: 9:15 am
End Time: 10:30 am
Dates: Please check the calendar
Fee: $125